What We Do

We invest our clients' capital in many areas that the UN's Agenda for Sustainable Development seeks to address by 2030, while targeting a balanced financial, social and environmental return.

Our primary investment sectors

To help us attain the widest social and environmental impact we focus your capital on three core sectors:

Financial inclusion

Around 2 billion adults in the world still lack access to the basic financial services they need to grow their own income-generating activities and build a path out of poverty for their families. 

The problem is particularly marked for women. Oikocredit targets these issues by providing loans, equity and other support to financial institutions (microfinance institutions, SME banks and others), placing particular emphasis on women’s economic empowerment and rural communities.


Around 1 in 4 of the world’s poorest people live in rural areas, relying on agricultural activities to meet their daily needs. It is estimated that 70% of the world’s agricultural produce comes from these smallholder farmers who are also most at risk from the impacts of climate change on their crops, as well as volatile pricing and unfair competition. 

As one of Oikocredit’s strategic growth priorities, we support these people by providing finance and technical assistance to agricultural co-operatives, fair trade producers, suppliers and distributors. We place particular emphasis on ensuring that they can secure fairer, more robust positions in the value chain and build greater resilience in the face of climate change and other obstacles.

Renewable energy

Around 1.2 billion people world-wide live without access to clean, affordable energy, and around 4 out of 5 live in rural, often remote, off-grid areas. 

As another strategic growth priority for Oikocredit, we invest in ventures that provide renewable energy in underserved regions in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. We target off-grid, rural renewable projects in particular.