Oikocredit is an international cooperative and leading worldwide social impact investor. [The name comes from the Greek for community and the dual meanings of credit: loan and belief]

Social Impact Investing for over 40 years

A few of our case studies
A few of our case studies

Our vision, mission & values

Initiated by the World Council of Churches and individual support associations in the 1970s, Oikocredit is guided by the principle of empowering disadvantaged people in low-income countries. Our 42-year track record proves that the most effective and sustainable means of assisting those in need is by providing them with an opportunity to help themselves through the instrument of investment.

Our vision

A global, just society in which resources are shared sustainably, and all people are empowered with the choices they need to create a life of dignity.

Our mission

Oikocredit challenges all to invest responsibly.  It provides financial services, and supports organizations to improve the quality of life of low-income people or communities in a sustainable way. 

Our values


Oikocredit supports organisations that provide financial opportunities to disadvantaged people irrespective of their faith, culture, age or gender.


Oikocredit provides a vehicle for meaningful sharing. An uneven distribution of resources, wealth and power can lead to conflict. When the global community is prepared to share what they have, respect each other and work together, justice and peace can prevail.

Ecumenical spirit

Around the world, people of faith are willing to share their resources. Oikocredit forms part of that worldwide coalition of solidarity.


Development is most effective when it stems from grassroots. In the co-operative culture of Oikocredit, people's initiatives and participation are central to all acts and policies.


Respect between people implies honesty and truthfulness. Oikocredit is determined to listen with an open mind and communicate in full transparency on all parameters of its own policies.


A balanced ecosystem is the basis for life and as such, should be preserved. Oikocredit believes that a healthy balance in nature can only be achieved in a world where resources and power are spread evenly.

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