Oikocredit and the Client Protection Principles

Oikocredit and the Client Protection Principles

2 December 2014 at 10:02 - by Monica Middleton - 0 comments


Eugene Ellmen, the national representative of our office in Canada, is an expert on social impact investing. He regularly blogs on SocialFinance.ca. In April 2013, he wrote a nice post about safeguarding microfinance clients' protection.

Eugene gives a little more insight into how good practices have been captured in a species of 'fair trade certification' for the microfinance sector. He also comments on how Oikocredit sees its leading role in ensuring responsible microfinance.

"While not all of those 2.8 billion people [who live on less than two dollars a day] could benefit from microfinance services, it’s fair to say that microfinance has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential. The Client Protection Certification Program represents one step by the industry to improve its practices so that it can expand its reach, helping to alleviate poverty around the globe."

Read Eugene's blog post on SocialFinance.ca


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