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  1. The tea estates being revitalised in the mountains of Darjeeling

    29 August 2017 at 18:52 - by Monica Middleton, Archie Pearson - 0 comments


    In northern India, the Ambootia Tea Group (DOTEPL) is using social impact investment to boost financial security and improve the livelihoods of its employees.

    Tea pickers from Oikocredit social enterprise partner, Ambootia.  Darjeeling India. Photograph: Opmeer Reports.

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  2. How our first development loan in 1978 looks today

    19 March 2015 at 23:56 - by Monica Middleton - 0 comments


    In India, around 300 million of its 1.2 billion inhabitants live below the $1.25 a day poverty line. When Oikocredit began operations 40 years ago, the number was almost the same, with around 320 million people living below the poverty line. In 1978, India’s mortality rate was estimated at 14.2%*. In this context, Oikocredit granted its first ever loan in India to finance housing loans for low-income earners in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu.

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  3. It’s the context that matters

    12 February 2015 at 11:30 - by Monica Middleton - 0 comments

    What beats people-watching? People-watching-people-watching-people. 

    Having a layover at Dubai Airport en route to India for my first time means I get to see humanity in all its diversity in an exciting new place. However, as soon as I start expecting to be surprised, I realise you would see exactly the same on any Saturday in Amsterdam:  women in full traditional dress, hand in hand with husbands; men in faded T-shirts; women in leggings and halter neck tops, and men with traditional head-dress and ankle-length robes.  As I stand around and watch for a little while, I notice all of us watching one another. And, occasionally I catch the smiles, particularly at one another’s children…because everyone seems to smile where children are concerned.

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  4. Oikocredit: Then and Now

    9 February 2015 at 13:30 - by Monica Middleton - 0 comments

    This year Oikocredit celebrates its 40th anniversary as a cooperative - 40 years of lending investors’ capital to partner organisations, in order to help disadvantaged people in developing countries build their businesses, support their families, sustain their communities and help protect the planet.

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