Capital-raising partners

Along with raising capital direct from the public via our Oikocredit UK and Ireland office, we benefit from capital-raising partners who support us in finding prospective investors.

UK and Ireland

We primarily introduce the Oikocredit UK & Ireland investment opportunity direct to prospective individual and institutional investors via events, the media and other forums. 

In addition, we benefit from formal and informal relationships with capital-raising partners (asset managers, specialist financial advisors and other intermediaries). 

These combined activities help us raise our profile as a thought leader in the development finance space and expand our investor base in the UK and Ireland.

If you are interested in become a capital-raising partner of Oikocredit UK & Ireland, please contact us.

Following the acquisition of the UK’s two oldest and most well established ethical advice firms, they are an integrated advice and investment management group, widely recognised for their expertise in responsible and sustainable investment.
Provide a simple and secure website, which allows impact investors to browse and compare a wide range of positive (impact) investments in the UK.
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An intermediary connecting and bringing together diverse investors and investees to create new models for the financial system.  Specifically, CS focus on bringing impact as the third dimension into investing, where all their investors consider risk, return and social/environmental impact.  
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A  Scottish-based,social business focused on creating a fairer financial system for all.  They bring together parties that share that vision and the responsibility for the consequences of their financial activities on society and the planet.  
Good Finance is website and collaborative initiative to help charities and social enterprises navigate social investment. The site addresses a commonly identified problem from organisations – that social investment is often confusing and complex to understand, with there being too little information available about how and where to access it. It contains up to date content and case studies, a tool to help users assess if social investment is right for them and the first ever directory of social investors and advisers.


Support Associations (SAs)

Situated in all Oikocredit's european and north american capital-raising countries (except the UK & Ireland), Support Associations are separate legal entities that are often member-shareholders of the Oikocredit co-operative and represent around 70% of the funds invested in Oikocredit.  Our SAs rely on the hard work of committed volunteers to raise awareness of development issues and encourage socially responsible investing (SRI) from individuals, churches and social enterprises. SA members may also serve on the Oikocredit International Supervisory Board and other Oikocredit committees.

Banking partnerships and credit unions

More recently we have developed partnerships with social banks and credit unions to help us broaden our investor base. As with Oikocredit, social banks who support us in capital-raising (often via co-branded, white label products) are all members of Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV).

  • GLS (Germany)
  • Crédit Coopératif (France)
  • Banco Etica (Italy/Spain)
  • ABS (Switzerland)
  • Ekobanken (Sweden)
  • Kindred and Vancity Savings Credit Unions (Canada)