Annual statements and dividends

By processing your statements, dividend notices and dividend payments, online and electronically, we aim to cut down our environmental and postage costs.  We always use the contact and bank account details that you have provided us so please don't hesitate to update your personal details by filling out the online form here.

Account statements

You will receive an annual statement by email in January each year.

You will also receive a statement by email when you add to your investment or make a withdrawal.

Annual dividends

You will receive email notification of your dividend payable in July, following the Oikocredit Annual General Meeting in June each year. 

Your dividend will be made by electronic transfer directly into your bank account [unless it is under 50 GBP or 50 euros, in which case it will be reinvested].

Please note that any dividend is calculated in June each year based on your investment holdings in the previous year (AUM). For example, the June 2017 dividend is based on investments held from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

Your dividend is due for each full month that despository receipts are held.  For example, the annual dividend for 2016 payable in June 2017 was 2%*. So the distribution of dividends equates to one twelfth of 2% for every full calendar month of the year that the depository receipts were registered.

Taking, reinvesting or donating your dividends

You can choose to take your dividend (minimum £50), re-invest it in your account, or donate it to our capacity building fund to help enhance the skills of some of our partners while reducing our investment portfolio risk. 

Please contact the Oikocredit UK & Ireland office if you wish to make any changes to your dividend choice during the course of your investment.

*Taken from Oikocredit Annual Reports & Accounts