Statements, dividends and standing orders


You will receive an annual statement by email in January each year, and also when you add to your investment or make a withdrawal. You will receive email notification of your dividend payable in July, following the Oikocredit Annual General Meeting in June each year.  By communicating your statements and dividends online we are able to cut down the cost of postage and environment.

Please note that any dividend is calculated in June each year based on your investment holdings in the previous year (AUM). For example, the June 2017 dividend is based on investments held from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

You can choose to take your dividend (minimum £50), re-invest it in your account, or donate it to our capacity building fund to help enhance the skills of some of our partners. Please contact the Oikocredit UK & Ireland office in London if you wish to make any changes to your dividend choice during the course of your investment.

Setting up/changing a standing order

If you wish to set up a standing order to keep your investment topped up, or you wish to change an existing standing order, please download our Standing Order Form or contact the Oikocredit UK & Ireland office in London. 

The standing order form should be returned to our UK & Ireland office, not your bank. Alternatively, if you bank online, you can set up or change a standing order directly with your bank. 

Note: standing orders are only available to existing investors, topping up their account by at least £50 per month.

Newsletters and publications

Our Annual Reports & Accounts are issued in March each year online and can be viewed or download here

Our Annual Social Performance Report is issued in July each year online and can be viewed or downloaded here.

There are four Oikocredit newsletters produced each year (both mail and electronic) which you will receive if you have subscribed for either on your investment forms.  If you would like to change your choice, please email us at