Impact reporting

Our impact reporting reflects our dedication to improving lives and protecting the planet.

For our investors and for ourselves it is crucial that we monitor our own and our partners’ social and environmental performance.

By knowing how well our partners are addressing end beneficiaries’ needs or environmental sustainability, we can improve where necessary and be accountable to our members, investors and end-beneficiaries (micro and small-medium sized enterprises, individual borrowers and smallholder farmers).

Our track record and depth of impact reporting receives high recognition among academic and statistical bodies such as Planet Rating and Progress out of Poverty (PPI)

In 2017, Oikocredit was chosen from among the top 400 Asset Manager IPE companies and PRI signatories by  Responsible Investor, for the quality of our impact reporting relating to environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting.

The full impact report (published annually) includes expanded coverage of how our work impacts our partners’ end beneficiaries; information on financial services partners’ outreach to rural and female clients, and longer-term trend analysis.

It also provides more detail in our work on environmental sustainability and looks at how our mission relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Partner development

Good partner relationships are fundamental to Oikocredit’s effectiveness, starting with selecting like-minded partners.

We describe our long-term commitment to partners as ‘development finance plus’ and provide capacity building in such areas as organizational leadership, management (financial, risk, data, and social and environmental performance), marketing and agricultural techniques.

Our historical assessments show that partners’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores for the inclusive finance portfolio tend to be particularly strong in terms of delivering client benefits, and our production and services portfolio (including agriculture and renewable energy) achieve high scores on the environment.

We ask partners each year about their development objectives and work with them on measuring performance and improving delivery.