Social impact investing and memberships

Social investment, also known as impact investment or social impact investment, is defined as investments made into companies, organisations and funds with the primary intention of generating an environmental and/or social impact (for example, climate change or poverty alleviation) alongside a financial return - Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) 

Succintly put: "social impact investing means considering risk, return and impact when making investment decisions, and choosing to invest in companies that are actively creating positive social or environmental impacts. It is a step further than divesting from negative impacts (for example, moving your investment portfolio away from fossil fuels or armament investments); it means using your money to consciously tackle society’s challenges – and to make a financial return" - Clare Jones, ClearlySo, February 2015. 

The use of investors' capital can usually be distinguished by two main focus areas of social investor organisations such as Oikocredit:

  1. The first is intentionality: that deployment of investors' capital is made with a specific social and/or environmental aim in mind and is conducted and disseminated in such a way as to best achieve a positive social and/or environmental outcome.
  2. The second is that the investment’s social/environmental outcome is actively measured alongside its financial performance.

Both of these aspects are integral to Oikocredit's activities. We have placed a social mission at the heart of development finance for 40 years, making us one of the oldest social investor organisations in the world.     

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