Specialist Reports

Putting sustainability into practice

Environment in focus

Protection of the environment is a key objective for Oikocredit. As part of its drive to achieve this, Oikocredit adheres to an environmental policy. This policy aims to contribute positively to a balanced ecosystem and increase environmental protection through the projects of the partners Oikocredit finances.

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Client Protection Principles


Oikocredit believes microfinance is a valuable tool to empower people to create a better future, so long as clients' needs and wellbeing are the focus of its services. Microfinance investors play a special role in ensuring the protection and promotion of client benefit and welfare, and Oikocredit takes this responsibility seriously. To ensure that the MFIs in which we invest maintain client welfare as a priority, we promote the Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principles (CPPs).

Oikocredit endorsed the CPPs in September 2008 and has since collaborated with other investors to put the principles into practice and help MFIs ensure their operations become fully compliant.

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