Investment product

When you invest in Oikocredit you acquire a redeemable impact investment product, which has historically created a positive social impact whilst generating an annual gross dividend. 


Depository receipts in the Oikocredit International Share Foundation

To raise investment capital for our work the Oikocredit cooperative issues shares to its members. In turn, one of these members, the Oikocredit International Share Foundation (OISF), provides an investment opportunity for non-members by issuing depository receipts for Oikocredit shares. 

Although depository receipts have similar characteristics to ordinary shares, they do not come with voting rights.  This helps to protect the social mission of Oikocredit and ensure that a sustainable balance between financial and social returns is achieved.  

These depository receipts are the investment product you buy when you invest in the Oikocredit International Share Foundation (OISF). They are classified as a non-readily realisable security, which is any investment which is not in a government or publicly issued security. Neither is it in a security which is admitted to official listing on, or regularly traded on (or under the rules of) a recognised investment exchange, e.g. the Social Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange.

More than a financial return

Oikocredit has paid out a 2% gross dividend to OISF investors each year, every year since 2000*. Like any investment product, the dividend is not guaranteed and may vary each year.  Investments can be in GBP Sterling or EUROS.  The minimum investment is £150 (€ 200), there is no maximum. There is no fixed notice period for redeeming your investment; no annual management charge, commissions, fees or other charges and investors have always had their capital repaid. *Taken from Oikocredit Annual Reports and Accounts.

Taking, re-investing or donating your dividend to our capacity-building activities

You can choose to receive your dividend direct to your bank account, reinvest it, or donate it to the Oikocredit Support Association for Oikocredit's additional technical capacity-building activities with its partners in low-income and developing countries.   This capacity-building fund supports building the skills of our partners whilst helping to reduce the investment portfolio risk.