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Protecting organisations against coronavirus scams – tips for partners

Protecting organisations against coronavirus scams – tips for partners

ilya-pavlov-OqtafYT5kTw-unsplash.jpg08 April | 2020

Criminals are seeking to capitalise on the Covid-19 pandemic, exploiting the pandemic to trick businesses via fake invoices, phishing emails and phone calls.

Even though we have not identified any specific fraud attempt targeted at Oikocredit partners, we would like to remind you to be extra vigilant at this time.

Your bank will advise you on common financial frauds and offer security tips for businesses. Please remind yourself of the steps you should take, as well as being aware that the coronavirus outbreak creates new opportunities for criminals to exploit.

We ask you to be particularly alert to unusual (fake) invoice requests, phone calls or emails which may be attempting to impersonate Oikocredit or someone from your own organisation, and then:

  • stop and think - taking a moment before parting with any information or money
  • challenge - it’s okay to reject, refuse or ignore requests and follow up later
  • contact Oikocredit, your bank and police immediately - if you think your organisation has been a victim of fraud concerning Oikocredit.

You should always check with Oikocredit, for example, about requested changes to payment details.

When contacting Oikocredit make sure you are phoning, emailing, or viewing a legitimate Oikocredit website, by verifying that the details are correct. You can do this by:

  • phoning Oikocredit on a phone number you have from an older trusted email message, statement or letterhead
  • emailing Oikocredit using an email address you have from an older trusted email message
  • typing website addresses directly into your browser, using the URL link from an older trusted email or letterhead.

Oikocredit’s distinct international website is On this website, you can find the contact information of our local offices. Remember to stop and think - fraudsters can create websites with a similar looking URL link and send this in an email.

In writing this we do not wish to create alarm, only a reminder to take care. If you do have any doubts, please contact us and/or your bank before processing any payments.

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