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SPTF and CERISE take over Smart Campaign implementation resources

SPTF and CERISE take over Smart Campaign implementation resources

a1Vug3Su.jpeg05 August | 2020

After a decade of successful work in advancing principles for client protection, the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) announced that the Smart Campaign would come to an end. The implementation resources created by Smart Campaign will be transferred to the Social Performance Taskforce (SPTF) and Cerise who will continue managing and updating them.

Oikocredit is grateful to Smart Campaign’s commitment and work in driving forward strong principles for client protection in financial inclusion. After almost a decade of creating awareness in the industry and providing certification in acknowledgement of excellence, the Smart Campaign can be proud that the client protection principles have become an integral part of the Industry’s Universal Standards for Social Performance and the SPI4 assessment tool.

“Client protection principles remain a core focus in Oikocredit’s investment screening as reflected in our ESG scorecards and general conditions,” stated Ging Ledesma, Oikocredit Director of Social Performance Innovation. “Adhering to the client protection principles as prescribed by the industry is a first step towards doing no harm and achieving social impact.  Oikocredit remains committed to doing all it can to ensure that the principles are being adhered to.”

Ensuring financial service providers deliver transparent, respectful and prudent financial services to their clients will remain core to delivering on the social mission of inclusive finance worldwide. 

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