Checking your investment footprint before you invest

Checking your investment footprint before you invest


Patrick Hynes

13 October 2013

Patrick Hynes our National Director UK, talks about a new checklist designed to help investors think about where their money is invested before they invest.

National Ethical Investment Week kicks off today and the team at Oikocredit’s UK office have developed a checklist to help investors evaluate their ethical investment footprint. We want to encourage everyone to think beyond the financial return on their investments. We want people to question the social and ethical impact of where they put their money.

How often do investors really question what happens to money after it has been handed over to an investment vehicle or a bank? Many people only consider the risk and financial return, not the possibility that these investments may have no positive social impact or may even be contrary to their personal values.

What investors do with their money should be an integral part of their ethical and environmental principles. For example, investment decisions are just as important as recycling waste or buying fair trade. In fact, they’re even more fundamental because investors’ hard-earned money can have a positive impact on communities around the world if invested carefully and wisely.

The checklist below can help you choose between the many investment vehicles on offer.

By following the guidelines in our checklist, and given the typical 2% Oikocredit dividend, investors can make a return on their money and make a difference to people’s lives.

You can read the full checklist opposite to check YOUR ethical investment footprint. Then see how we evaluate the people we finance, by taking a look at OUR ethical financing footprint (we call this our “ESG scorecard”).

National Ethical Investment Week should serve as a reminder to everyone that it is high time we align our principles to our pounds.

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