Oikocredit UK & Ireland Newsletter
July 2017

Tracking our social and environmental performance

This summer sees the release of our Social & Environmental Performance Report 2016.

We interviewed our deputy director of social performance and capacity building about Oikocredit's approach to social and environmental performance management  (see below). And our quarterly Facts & Figures section on our UK website now includes two new social and environment performance indicators: households with access to clean energy and CO₂ avoided/reduced.

This newsletter also features our partner, Ambootia, who have bought and renovated abandoned tea estates in north-east India, bringing lasting benefit to its workers and their communities.  The Ambootia story can also be read at the Guardian online.


International News

Better monitoring to address clients’ needs

As Oikocredit publishes its impact report, we interviewed our social performance and capacity building deputy director, Kawien Ziedses des Plantes, about our approach to social and environmental performance management. Kawien explains the thinking behind our work in this area and how it is evolving.

Read the full interview

Press release: Inclusive finance partners reached 40 million people

Through Oikocredit’s inclusive finance partners, 40 million clients were reached with vital finance and other support in 2016. Of those, 84% were women and 48% were from rural communities.  Alongside inclusive finance, Oikocredit focuses on agriculture and renewable energy, including investments in 214 co-operatives, 98 'green' enterprises and 85 fair trade organisations.

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Social and environmental performance report 2016

Our social and environmental performance report 'Strengthening People and Planet' was released on 27 June. The report includes an analysis of our social and environmental performance; results of our newly structured capactiy building programmes and our partners across the globe.

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Renovating tea estates benefits communities in India

Oikocredit partner, Ambootia, produces premium, organic, darjeeling tea. They purchase and renovate abandoned tea estates in northern India, providing workers with a living wage and a range of benefits including housing, medical support and education. 

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UK & Ireland News


UK Events

On July 1st 2017, Monica and Archie celebrated "International Co-operatives Day" with Co-operatives UK in Wakefield. The conference was attended by many of the UK's 7000 co-operatives, enabling Oikocredit to highlight our particular focus on investing in co-operatives in low-income and developing markets - particularly in the sphere of smallholder agriculture.

Speaking of the importance of co-operatives, Oikocredit's International Managing Director, Thos Gieskes, said: “Over the years, I’ve learned that the co-operative model is extremely powerful. Co-operatives are essentially about people coming together with a common goal or objective that they want to strive toward. My experience has shown me that bringing strong leaders and passionate people together for that common goal can really make a business thrive. It’s also a great way of organising yourself and keeping that sense of purpose within the organisation.”                       

To read the piece on Oikocredit by Co-operatives UK
Monica Middleton and Archie Pearson accepting the RI Award 2017

Responsible Investor Awards

At the “Responsible Investor Awards 2017” held at the Riverside Building in Westminster in June, Oikocredit won a gong for “Best RI Report by an Asset Manager – Medium & Small Firms AuM < $25bn”.

The judges selected winners from the IPE Top 400 list plus all PRI signatories - 1534 different firms in total. When commenting on Oikocredit’s social performance report, the judges said: "Oikocredit demonstrates a clear visual overview integrating financial, environmental and social performance indicators. They also highlight a hands-on approach to monitoring social and environmental impact.”                                                                                                 

To read more about the awards

Spotlight on Scotland

Archie Pearson setting up the Oikocredit UK display

Events and Memberships

Archie Pearson and David Cousland enjoyed a successful conference at Edinburgh’s “Heart & Soul” event in Edinburgh in May 2017. The event was attended by her Royal Highness Princess Anne & Sir Timothy Lawrence, who visited the Oikocredit tent to chat with Archie and David.

We are also delighted to become a member of Scotland's International Development Alliance (SIDA/previously NIDOS). SIDA is the network in Scotland that unites the international development sector to collectively influence the agenda for reducing inequality and poverty worldwide.

To find out more about SIDA
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