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Oikocredit International Newsletter
April 2013

Dear Oikocredit friends,

In this issue we zoom in on our capacity building efforts which strengthen our partners in terms of governance, risk management and client protection.

This newsletter is now in line with our brand-new international website which was launched on 9 April. We will be adding more local newsletters in the coming months. Our US subscribers can already subscribe to Oikocredit USA's quarterly e-newsletter through the subscription link below.

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The Oikocredit team

Mentoring microfinance

In 2011, Oikocredit developed a social performance mentoring programme to assist microfinance institutions embed social practices into daily operations. How has the mentoring programme fared and what were the outcomes?


Social impacts in Senegal

Blanca Méndez, communications officer at Oikocredit International, visited Senegal with a group of investors and volunteers to see first-hand the social impact of Oikocredit’s work.


Facts & Figures

Read our latest facts and figures including our latest deals.


Keeping a sharp eye on microfinance

For Oikocredit, social returns are as important as financial returns. To assist our partners and the wider microfinance community in maintaining social practices, Oikocredit has a social performance officer in every region. Andrea Domínguez is one of our social performance officers. She covers five Latin American countries.


Kuapa Kokoo launches radio programme

How do you communicate to 65,000 members, some of whom live deep in the rainforest and can’t read or write? This has been a major challenge over recent years for Kuapa Kokoo, a fair trade partner of Oikocredit in Ghana. It seemed the best solution for the farmer’s cooperative was to take over the airwaves – just for an hour a week.


International news

Annual report for 2012 now online

Oikocredit's annual report for 2012 reflects Oikocredit’s continued strategic focus on Africa, agriculture and inclusive finance.

In 2012, Oikocredit’s loan approvals were at record levels, reaching € 234 million, up 11% from € 211 million the previous year. Investors continued to demonstrate commitment to Oikocredit, with 3,000 new investors joining the organization, taking total worldwide investors to 48,000.


Oikocredit actively supports the Client Protection Certification Program

Social investor and worldwide cooperative Oikocredit stands behind the Smart Campaign as it rolls out the Client Protection Certification Program. Oikocredit will promote compliance with the certification standards among its microfinance partners (MFIs) with a goal of having four undergo certification within the next two years.


A positive year of financial and social results for Oikocredit

Oikocredit recorded another positive year of social and financial results. With 854 partners across 67 countries, Oikocredit continued its strategic focus on Africa, agriculture and inclusive finance.


Regional news

Oikocredit USA Investor Summit 2013

Join us for the Oikocredit USA Investor Summit 2013: Investing in People, Empowering Communities. This will be the first national convergence of Oikocredit USA investors, featuring speakers from the SRI community, special addresses from members of the Oikocredit International staff, and a panel of Oikocredit’s partners in the field.


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