Oikocredit International Newsletter
Oikocredit International Newsletter
June 2021

Pursuing positive change: insights from our leaders

Oikocredit continues to take part in several initiatives to further the work of the cooperative and make a lasting positive impact in the lives of low-income people across the globe. Our passionate leaders are here to tell us about them. We first hear from Thos Gieskes, our Managing Director who is leaving later this year. Thos shares about: what Oikocredit was like when he started, where it is now and where we are headed with our new strategy. He also talks about Oikocredit’s recent Annual General Meeting, which you can read more about in the second article we feature.

We then take you to Southeast Asia where our director for this region, Tes Pilapil, talks about what her team has been doing to help Oikocredit partners during the pandemic. Next, our Director of Social Performance and Innovation, Ging Ledesma, shares about the new ‘SSNUP’ initiative that Oikocredit is taking part in to help protect food security and smallholder farmers who are struggling as the effects of climate change become more evident.

Lastly we invite you to look at our quarterly financial figures and the accompanying report for a deeper look at what’s going on behind the numbers.


Oikocredit is ready for the future

Thos Gieskes, Oikocredit’s Managing Director, reflects on what Oikocredit was like when he first started, where it is today, where it’s headed and how the current and new strategy are connected to it all.  

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45th Annual General Meeting

Oikocredit recently held its 45th Annual General Meeting, virtually. Here you can find out what was discussed and what members voted on, such as not paying out a dividend for 2020.

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Building resiliency among partners

Our partners in Southeast Asia have been hit hard by Covid-19 but are becoming more resilient. Tes Pilapil, Oikocredit’s Director of Southeast Asia, shares about how our partners are uniting and strengthening via our digital webinars.

Read Tes’s blog >

Protecting smallholder farmers

As the agriculture sector and food security are threatened, low-income communities suffer. Our Director of Social Performance Innovation shares about how Oikocredit and others are responding through a programme called SSNUP.

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Q1 quarterly report: steady recovery

Four times a year we publish our key facts and figures, reporting on the previous quarter. In this report we provide additional background to the developments during the first quarter of 2021.

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