Monitoring the impact of our efforts
Oikocredit International Newsletter
July 2018

Monitoring the impact of our social & environmental efforts

This summer sees the release of our Social & Environmental Performance Report (SEPR) 2017 in which our social and environmental performance is linked to our three focus sectors of financial inclusion, agriculture and renewable energy. You can also read our press release featuring key highlights from the report, such as Oikocredit's significant progress in outreach to women and an increase in the number of households with improved access to energy. This newsletter also includes an interview with our Director of Investor Relations and Social Performance, Ging Ledesma who explains why Oikocredit reports on its social and environmental performance.

In addition, we present our facts and figures for Q2 2018 and in light of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we explain how we are protecting your information and privacy.


Outperforming sector average

This press release reveals key highlights from Oikocredit's latest Social & Environmental Performance Report. We made significant progress in key areas including outreach to women, and our funding to 747 partner organisations has reached over 36 million people. 

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Social & Environmental Results

Our Social & Environmental Performance Report (SEPR) shows how we contribute to better lives for low-income people through the support of partners, investors and donor funds. We monitor our performance and that of our partners to see how our work contributes to positive change.

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Going above and beyond [interview]

To discover some of the key highlights in the SEPR and to gain a better understanding of why Oikocredit reports on its social and environmental performance, we sat down with Ging Ledesma, Oikocredit’s Director of Investor Relations and Social Performance.

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Oikocredit facts & figures

Our data for the second quarter of 2018 includes capital outstanding, the total number of partners and countries where we invest, as well as an overview of our funding by type, region and sector. The figures also include households with access to clean energy and CO2 reduced.

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GDPR: Oikocredit’s privacy policy

At Oikocredit, we care about your privacy. In response to the recently implemented European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have reviewed our policies and procedures to ensure that we conduct our operations in line with your fundamental right to have your personal data collected only when, and for as long as necessary and to keep it well protected. We have also updated our privacy statement. It provides information on whose and what kind of personal data we have, how we are safeguarding it, and what your rights as a website visitor and newsletter subscriber are.

Please also remember that as a subscriber to our newsletter, you continue, as always, to have the option to unsubscribe via the link at the bottom.  

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