Oikocredit International Newsletter
Oikocredit International Newsletter
January 2020

Capacity building: our unique approach

We begin 2020 by bringing you our latest newsletter highlighting our work in capacity building. But first, Oikocredit’s Managing Director, Thos Gieskes, explains how Oikocredit has been developing its own capacity to deliver its services.

Then read on for an interview with experts from our Social Performance Innovation department, who explain Oikocredit’s approach to social performance. Then we move to a story about how our capacity building funding helped our partner Musoni to put low-income clients first in the digital age. We also bring you a short video about a tea partner in Rwanda who received capacity building funding.

To end this edition we have an interview with Athanas Matheka of Greenforest Foods in Kenya, from his recent tour of Oikocredit support associations.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter, showing you how Oikocredit provides more than just financing.


“The house is now built”

Oikocredit’s Managing Director, Thos Gieskes, reflects on the past year and what 2020 brings. He talks about “building a new house” for Oikocredit, the high points as well as low points. Oikocredit’s plans for 2020 include celebrating its 45-year anniversary.

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Social performance: "Choosing a partner is just the beginning"

The desire to achieve a positive social impact is the reason why people invest in Oikocredit. How does this goal become a reality? We spoke to Oikocredit’s social performance experts about capacity building and Oikocredit's approach to social performance.

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Musoni: putting low-income clients first in the digital age

We look at the work of Oikocredit partner Musoni Kenya Microfinance, a pioneer in the provision of digital financial services. Here you can see how its cooperation with Oikocredit, in client protection principles, helps it to serve low-income clients when digital services are provided.

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Tea: good prospects from great heights

Private and public stakeholders in the Rwandan tea sector join forces to empower rural farmers. “That’s just my cup of tea”, says Helmut Pojunke from Oikocredit’s support association in Bonn who visited Oikocredit’s partner Karongi in Rwanda (read Helmut’s story).

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Fair is when all benefit

Athanas Matheka, Managing Director of Oikocredit partner Greenforest, was on tour to answer questions from Oikocredit investors. Hear what he has to say about fair trade and the need for support to obtain certifications, as well as other challenges faced by his business and smallholder farmers in Kenya.

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