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Oikocredit International Newsletter
December 2015

Adding value through equity

At Oikocredit, we offer both loans and equity to our partner organizations. Our equity investments offer ethically-minded companies not only access to finance, but also added value in terms of knowledge sharing and skills and expertise.

In this final edition for 2015, you’ll find a letter from our managing director, David Woods, about what Oikocredit achieved this year and what’s ahead for 2016. You’ll also find an interview with equity and business development director, Bart van Eyk, the latest facts and figures as well a story on sustainable aquaculture company and equity partner, Yalelo.


Letter from Oikocredit's MD

Read an end-of-year letter from our managing director, David Woods, detailing this year’s achievements, as well as highlights, such as the cooperative’s 40th anniversary. David also writes about what's to expect going into 2016.

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Oikocredit facts & figures

Take a look at our facts and figures for the 3rd quarter of 2015. These include our capital outstanding, our total number of partners and countries where we invest as well as an overview of our funding by type, region and sector.

Facts & figures

An aquaculture equity investment

In 2014, Oikocredit made its first equity investment in sustainable Zambian aquaculture company, Yalelo. Oikocredit has taken a seat on the board to further strengthen Yalelo's operations, as well as assisting it in meeting its financial, environmental and social goals.

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Building up the equity portfolio

Read an interview with our new head of equity and business development, Bart van Eyk, who joined Oikocredit in August 2015. Bart explains why equity can offer added value for Oikocredit as well as its partners and what business development will entail for Oikocredit.

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Tree plantings for 40th anniversary

In November trees were planted in the Netherlands, Kenya and India to mark the actual date of Oikocredit’s founding. The events were a culmination of the 40th anniversary celebrations that have taken place throughout the year.

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About the header image

The hands pictured in the header image belong to a microfinance client of Indian microfinance institution Fusion. Oikocredit took an equity stake in Fusion in 2015. The microfinance borrower pictured used her microloan to build her small business.

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