How we're boosting efforts in our focus sectors
Oikocredit International Newsletter
July 2019

Boosting our efforts in focus sectors & introducing new partners

This edition of the newsletter highlights the latest developments at Oikocredit and gives a flavour of the direction we are heading as we carry out our updated strategy.  

We interview our Managing Director, Thos Gieskes, who shares how we are boosting our efforts across Oikocredit’s focus sectors and going beyond finance to broaden the ways in which we support our partners, aiming to strengthen their businesses.  

We also include a second interview with the CEO of our Cambodian partner First Finance, who explains their work in providing mortgages to low-income people and how Oikocredit has supported them beyond finance. We then introduce you to some of our new partners with a link to our latest press releases.  The newsletter concludes with our Facts & Figures for Q2 2019.  


Going beyond finance for partners

Our Managing Director Thos Gieskes brings us up to date on the latest developments at Oikocredit. In his interview Thos explains how Oikocredit seeks to stand out from its peers and comments on the future direction of the organisation. He also outlines the outcome of the 2019 AGM and highlights key areas of our new Impact Report to be published in September.

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Meet our new partners

Our website’s Press Releases page provides an opportunity to catch up with our latest announcements such as deals with new partners. Read about Oikocredit’s investment in Ku-bo (Mexico), a fintech which supports people without access to financial services, and Caravela Coffee which works closely with coffee farmers and their communities in Latin America.

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Affordable housing loans

We interviewed Sothany Chun, CEO of our Cambodian partner First Finance Plc to learn more about the work of this organisation. First Finance is the only Cambodian microfinance institution providing mortgages to clients with limited financial resources. Ms Chun explains First Finance’s focus on housing loans, its vision and social impact.

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Oikocredit facts & figures

Our data for the second quarter of 2019 includes capital outstanding, the total number of partners and countries where we invest, as well as an overview of our funding by type, region and sector. The figures also include households with access to clean energy and CO2 reduced.

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