Oikocredit International Newsletter
Oikocredit International Newsletter
July 2020

Collaboration and initiatives in the social impact sector

This newsletter edition focuses on some of the latest events, discussions and initiatives at Oikocredit.

We first highlight Oikocredit’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which took place on 11 June. Here you can learn about key decisions that Oikocredit members voted on, including not paying a dividend for 2019. You can then find out how we are ‘fighting energy poverty’ in a recent interview with our Renewable Energy Manager.

The effects of coronavirus can be seen across the world, especially in the low-income communities we aim to serve. So we have been busy collaborating with like-minded organisations and, for example, recently signed a memorandum to align the response of microfinance investors to the crisis. We are also continuing to take several other initiatives to support our partners. You can read about these initiatives on our designated Covid-19 page.

And lastly, we now offer an accompanying article with our quarterly facts and figures, which provides additional information and context to the numbers.


Oikocredit holds 44th AGM

This year, the cooperative’s annual general meeting (AGM) was held in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, with members and others participating virtually. The report on the key decisions and the election results is now available.

Read the AGM report >

Learning from our RE leader

How is Oikocredit continuing to build up its work in renewable energy (RE)? Where are we heading? How are we connecting with potential partners? These are some of the questions that our Renewable Energy Manager, David ten Kroode, answers.

Read the interview >

Leaders collaborating for impact

Leading microfinance and social impact fund managers have signed a memorandum for debt refinancing coordination principles, to support the sector during the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out how this collaboration is set to support the impact investing sector.

Read about impact sector coordination >

Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates

Oikocredit monitors the coronavirus situation daily, and keeps our members and investors informed via our regular communication channels. You can find our latest updates and initiatives, like our new solidarity fund to support small businesses, via our Covid-19 update page.

Read the latest Covid-19 updates >

Q1 facts and figures article

Four times a year Oikocredit publishes its key facts and figures. Our work in the first quarter was impacted by the pandemic and this has meant adapting our plans. We now provide our investors and others with additional background context.

Read about Oikocredit’s Q1 results >
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