Oikocredit International Newsletter
Oikocredit International Newsletter
April 2021

The power of solidarity and resiliency

Covid-19 made 2020 a difficult year for everyone. Despite these challenges, Oikocredit witnessed solidarity and demonstrated resiliency. This newsletter focusing on our financial results gives you an overview of both the cooperative's challenges and achievements in 2020. Most importantly, you can read about how Oikocredit further supported its partners that are making a difference in the lives of low-income communities: those hit hardest by the pandemic.

For an in-depth look at our financial results, read our Annual Report 2020. For key highlights, check out the press release. You can also get a financial expert’s point of view by reading the interview with Oikocredit’s Director of Finance & Risk, Mirjam 't Lam. In addition, we offer our quarterly report which helps tell the story behind our facts and figures for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Announcing financial results is not the only thing we’re talking about, this year we extended International Women’s Day and spent the month of March highlighting women at Oikocredit who help empower women. And Christina Alff, from Oikocredit Support Association Baden-Würrttemberg, offers her expertise on gender equality in the blog below.


Swift action safeguarded results

In this interview, Mirjam ‘t Lam, Director of Finance & Risk, provides her expertise and insight into Oikocredit’s financial results. She also shares about joining Oikocredit in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and more.

Read the interview >

Annual Report 2020

In our annual report you can read all about our financial performance, hear from our Managing Board, and see how we’ve been supporting our partners during the global pandemic.

Read the annual report >

Financial results highlights

Looking for an overview of our financial performance in 2020 and don’t have time to read through the annual report? You can find result highlights in our press release.  

Read the press release >

Supporting women's empowerment

In honour of International Women’s Day, Christina Alff, from Oikocredit Support Association Baden-Württemberg, shares her expertise on women’s empowerment and explains how this topic relates to Oikocredit’s work while inspiring us with a story.

Read the blog >

Proving our resilience

We just published our facts and figures for the fourth quarter of 2020. To help you understand the story behind these numbers, read our latest quarterly update.

Read the Q4 report >
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