Our 2016 social and environmental performance
Oikocredit International Newsletter
July 2017

Tracking our social and environmental performance

This summer sees the release of our Social & Environmental Performance Report 2016. We spoke to our deputy director of social performance and capacity building about the approach to social and environmental performance management (SEPM). The interview is followed by a link to the SEPM report itself and a press release.

This edition’s Facts & Figures section includes two new SEPM indicators: households with access to clean energy and CO₂ avoided/reduced.

We also feature our partner Ambootia which has bought and renovated abandoned tea estates in north-east India, bringing lasting benefit to its workers and their communities.


Better monitoring to address clients’ needs

As Oikocredit publishes its SEPM report, we interviewed our social performance and capacity building deputy director, Kawien Ziedses des Plantes, about our approach to social and environmental performance management. Kawien explains the thinking behind our work in this area and how it is evolving.

Read the full interview

Press release: Inclusive finance partners reached 40 million people

Through Oikocredit’s inclusive finance partners, 40 million clients were reached in 2016. Of those microfinance clients, 84% were women. Inclusive finance represented 78% of Oikocredit’s portfolio with the remainder invested in organizations focused on agriculture including 85 fair trade organizations, and renewable energy.

Read the press release

Social and environmental performance report 2016

Our social and environmental performance report 'Strengthening people and planet' was released on 27 June. The report includes an analysis of our social and environmental performance, results of our newly structured capactiy building programmes and features on our partners across the globe.

Read the SEPM 2016 report here

Oikocredit facts & figures

Our data for the first quarter of 2017 includes capital outstanding, the total number of partners and countries where we invest, as well as an overview of our funding by type, region and sector. For the first time we present households with access to clean energy and CO2 avoided/reduced (in tonnes) as part of our SEPM figures.

Read the facts & figures

Renovating tea estates benefits communities in India

Oikocredit partner DOTEPL produces high-quality organic tea. It has purchased and renovated abandoned tea-estates in West Bengal, India. Its workers benefit from a living wage and a range of benefits including housing and medical support. 

Read more about the work of DOTEPL
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