Our memberships are critical for building awareness of the global challenges and opportunities we all face, as well as Oikocredit's role in development finance.

Oikocredit is part of a growing global movement to address the many challenges we face as a civilisation, particularly the United Nations sustainable development goals

We benefit from memberships and affiliations with a wide-reaching network.  Collectively this network raises awareness to act upon some of the world's greatest social and environmental challenges, while also representing social impact investors in the UK and across the globe. 

The network for Britain's thousands of co-operatives, Co‑operatives UK works to promote, develop and unite member-owned businesses worth £36 billion to the economy.
The leading pan-European sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) membership organisation promoting sustainability through European financial markets. Eurosif works as a partnership of Europe-based national Sustainable Investment Fora (SIFs) including institutional investors, asset managers, financial services, index providers and ESG research and analysis firms.
Encouraging partnerships that can utilise National Ecumenical Instruments together.
Working to secure a better deal for farmers and workers all over the world.
A church-based investor coalition fostering responsible and positive impact investment on the part of churches and their individual members.
Drives thought leadership on a variety of key topics and themes within the impact investing industry. Recent campaigns have served to direct attention to the complexities of a growing industry, as well as the role of impact investing in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
A forum for individuals and organisations to hear, influence and debate emerging issues on global financial inclusion.
An independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development.
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The Alliance is committed to creating a fairer world, free from poverty, injustice and environmental threats using the UN sustainable development goals as a framework.
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Reinforcing the global capacity to support progressive,innovative and responsible initiatives, enterprises, communities and associations for a more open, fair, sustainable and more social economy.
An efficient, universally accessible buyers' & sellers' marketplace where impact investors & social impact businesses can achieve greater impact.
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Committed to growing sustainable and responsible finance in the UK with a vision of a fair, inclusive and sustainable financial system that works for the benefit of society and the environment.
The Association of Provincial Bursars is an ecumenical non-profit association providing support to religious congregations, orders and communities in England and Wales.
The Association of Church Accountants & Treasurers (ACAT) is the national support charity for Treasurers of Christian Churches.  Active across the UK they support over 17,500 Church Treasurers.
A private group aiming to connect and encourage women in the field of social finance. Consisting of approximately 120 members actively working in mid- and senior level positions across foundations, impact investment managers, banks, consultancies, non-profits and governments.

An organisation formed in 1981 to provide insights into green issues, the ecology and the environment. 

The EOA represents organisations which are employee-owned or transitioning to employee-ownership across the UK.