Investing as an individual

Investing your money in the Oikocredit International Share Foundation (OISF) is only suitable for individuals who are eligible to be investors in these depository receipts. 

Our application process therefore requires that you clearly state you understand the risks of this investment before we can accept you as an investor.

To apply, please first read our prospectus. Then:

1.   Download our Eligibility Inquiry Form.

When you have completed the form, please return it to us by post or email.

2.   Once this form has been approved by us, we will send you a Subscription Offer Investment Form (our application form) which you will need to return to us by post, as we require a 'wet' signature.  

3  When we have processed your Subscription Offer Investment Form we will set up an account and ask you to make a bank transfer.

Alternatively, you may prefer to set up a standing order.

The process may take up to four weeks but is generally shorter.