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Socak Katana - Supporting a Fairtrade cocoa cooperative

Socak Katana

Supporting a Fairtrade cocoa cooperative

Côte d'Ivoire

Socak Katana, established in 2011, is a small cocoa cooperative of around 1300 farmer members which  supports associated cocoa growers in rural areas. The organisation purchases raw cocoa beans from its members to be processed, stored and exported. It also offers farmers services such as technical assistance, pre-purchase financing and training in best agricultural practices, proper work remuneration, gender equality, the fight against child labour, and governance. The cooperative's main goal is to ensure that smallholder farmers receive a greater share of the profits from their crops and improve their welfare.

Socak Katana has a production capacity of around 3,500 tonnes of cocoa, which is cultivated on more than 5,000 hectares of land. As a cooperative, the farmers are also direct owners.

While cocoa cultivation is the main source of the farmers’ income, they combine it with other agricultural and livestock activities such as maize, banana and cassava cultivation. This crop diversification ensures a regular income throughout the year.

As part of the Fairtrade certification, the cooperative actively promotes sustainable environmental practices. Together with ANADER (National Agency for Support to Rural Development), it has launched  a  pilot-project for women in the community for chicken farm and food crop implementation. This project is part of the Women’s Association Fairtrade Equity programme, which aims to generate additional revenue for the spouses of cocoa producers.

Socak Katana has been an Oikocredit partner since 2017.

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