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Important information for OISF's existing investors in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland

Stichting Oikocredit International Share Foundation ceases its offering in the UK and the Republic of Ireland

02 June 2021

Stichting Oikocredit International Share Foundation (OISF) has ceased offering depository receipts in the UK and the Republic of Ireland effective 2 June 2021. This means that investors in the UK and the Republic of Ireland will no longer be able to subscribe for, or acquire,  depository receipts in OISF.

Existing holders of depository receipts  will continue to be serviced by OISF and retain all the rights under the OISF Terms & Conditions, including redemption rights and the right to dividends, if any. However, any future dividends will not be reinvested in depository receipts.

Investors can choose to receive any future dividends in cash or donate them to Stichting Oikocredit Support Foundation to support capacity building programmes for Oikocredit’s partners.

Information regarding OISF and depository receipts will continue to be made available to existing holders of depository receipts in the UK and Ireland at

We are grateful to our dedicated investors in the UK and in Ireland for their support of Oikocredit’s mission over the years. Given this, our decision has not been easy. It comes in response to the changes in the legal and regulatory landscape resulting from the UK's withdrawal from the European Union and challenges that we face in reaching the scale of investments required to maintain viability.

Oikocredit will maintain its connection with the UK and Ireland via the churches and other organisations that are members of the Oikocredit, Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society U.A. (the cooperative). Members of the cooperative can continue to access information relevant to them at

Thos Gieskes, Managing Director at Oikocredit, said: “We are thankful to our investors in the UK and Ireland for their support via OISF of Oikocredit’s mission to empower people on low incomes. We look forward to maintaining our connection to the UK and Ireland via the British and Irish members of our cooperative as we continue to work towards improving livelihoods around the world.”

Information for investors:

To share your preference for your dividends, please complete and return the dividend allocation form: dividend allocation - individual or dividend allocation - organisation.

To request a redemption, please complete the online redemption form: redemption - individual or redemption - organisation.

For general inquiries, or to submit the forms linked above, please contact our investor administration team:

  • Address: Investor Support, Oikocredit International, Berkenweg 7, 3818 LA Amersfoort, the Netherlands
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 330 355 33 00 (calls are charged at UK local rate)

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