Renewable Energy Ventures

Typically, we finance photovoltaic solar (PV), small hydropower or wind ventures, including off-grid, which meet most of the following criteria:

  • Seeking debt or equity financing typically worth € 3 - € 15 million, but can be part of a larger total investment amount with Oikocredit;
  • Are infrastructure projects which have a contracted income stream, mostly in the form of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA);
  • Be able to provide financial statements for three years demonstrating revenue-generation and sound financial performance;
  • Appetite for participating with other (like-minded) investors;
  • Proven technology from established equipment providers;
  • Experienced developers / contractors;
  • Risk and risk mitigation (e.g. construction cost overruns) are clearly defined in the project proposal by the developers;
  • Limited dependency on government incentives;
  • Conduct careful assessment of environmental and social impact.

Please contact our head office in the Netherlands if you think you may fulfil the initial screening criteria. Thereafter, our renewable energy unit would then need you to send them a request for financing, an executive summary and three year's financial statements attached to your request.