Topping-up your investment

You can add to your investment by bank transfer or standing order at any time. 

Topping-up your investment

We’re pleased you are considering an additional investment into your investment account. For a one-off additional subscription or to set up / change a standing order, please download and return this additional subscription form. Once OISF has approved the request you can go into your banking application or contact your bank to set up the payment.

Please note that Stichting Oikocredit International Share Foundation (OISF) has strict rules on receipt of money transfers. OISF only allows money transfers originating from bank accounts in countries where OISF offers its investment product and that the bank account holder and country is the same as the investment holder and resident country.

 When you apply for a subscription, you provide one bank account number in your name from a bank account in the country where you live, and that is held in the currency of your country of residence. This bank account number will be linked to your Oikocredit account. It is only possible to perform transactions from this bank account.

 Strict procedure applies to change the bank account number. For additional investments originating from a different bank account number in your name than the bank account number that is registered to your Oikocredit investment account or, if you already transferred money from a different bank account, kindly contact our Investor Support team at for additional support.

 If you have any issues with managing your account and you'd like us to help you, please don't hesitate to contact us

For sterling transfers:
  • Bank: ING Bank, London Branch
  • Account Number: 20349293
  • Sort code: 23-88-59
  • Reference: Please use your depository receipt investment number.


For euro transfers:
  • Bank: ING Bank, The Netherlands
  • IBAN: NL48 INGB 0661 5193 68
  • BIC-code: INGBNL2A​
  • Reference: Please use your depository receipt investment number.



As we are based in the Netherlands, a cheque cannot be used for your investments.