Investing for positive impact

While our investors expect a financial return on their investment, they also expect us to deliver a social and environmental return. They want their money to have a positive impact in the world and on the lives of people and the environment. Oikocredit's aim is to deliver this 'triple bottom line' by generating a positive return for people, planet and profit.

It’s always been part of Oikocredit’s mission to empower disadvantaged people, reaching out to women and people in rural areas in particular.

Economic, social and environmental outcomes 2014

Oikocredit’s annual Social Performance Report is published in June each year. For the year ending 2014:

  • Oikocredit’s partners reached 37 million people with vital finance and technical support.

  • 86% of these beneficiaries were female clients

  • 50% were from rural, often remote, communities.

  • 72% of Oikocredit’s production and service partners have an environmental policy

  • 45% hold a Fairtrade Certification

  • 124,000 jobs were created by these partners. 

  • Oikocredit has disbursed over € 2bn of development finance since 1975, the majority over the past five years