Our teams and network

Oikocredit has around 51,000 investors, primarily from North America and Europe. 6000 of these are organisations including 600 members of the Oikocredit co-operative.

At the heart of Oikocredit are the people who make it possible. Dedicated world-wide networks of staff, professionals, volunteers, investors and member organisations are key to Oikocredit’s success. 

Decentralised organisational structure

Oikocredit raises the majority of its investments for development finance activities by issuing shares to its 600 members. Members include the Oikocredit International Share Foundation, Support Associations, churches and other faith-based institutions.

The Oikocredit International Share Foundation (OISF) was established on 10 March 1995, in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. The main purpose of the Oikocredit International Share Foundation is to create investment opportunities in Oikocredit for the wider public by issuing depository receipts to organisations and individuals.


“I help myself while helping others—what could be better? Oikocredit is the only organization I’ve found that accomplishes this, so I invested with them” 
- Linda Barnett, individual 2014. 

"At the Jo Walters Trust we’ve invested our capital in Oikocredit as we think it is sensible for us to use our working capital to provide loans to micro businesses in the developing world, rather than to invest in a traditional bank. The beauty of this is that it means our charitable aims are being fulfilled, even before we make any grants to the projects we support. We find Oikocredit a fantastic organisation to work with - so much more straightforward than traditional institutions, and it offers us the peace of mind that our money is being used ethically, as well as giving us a healthy return on our investment."
- Jo Walters Trust, organisation, 2015

Oikocredit’s decentralised and co-operative structure and activities extend from our international office in Amersfoort, the Netherlands to nearly 70 countries around the globe.  We have regional and country offices in 36 countries and 258 full time staff members.

Our offices in low-income and developing countries (together with Oikocredit International, the UK and the USA) are focused on finding and selecting new projects and partners. Our offices in low-income countries are staffed by local experts who work directly with our organisational partners on-the-ground to research and monitor the projects, people and communities who benefit from our financial and technical support.

Our offices in Europe and North America are responsible for raising investment capital from individuals and organisation (including charities, Trusts and foundations, churches, credit unions, social enterprises and banks, and SMEs).

In 2007 Oikocredit launched in the UK and began covering the Republic of Ireland in 2009.  The UK Office is based in a leafy residential street in Putney, south-west London and is headed up by our National Director, Monica Middleton.