SEE INVESTMENT IN A NEW LIGHT Choose an investment that’s as good for you as it is for people and planet.

We invest in social enterprise partners They support entrepreneurs in low-income countries with finance to create their own paths out of poverty

We have a robust business model 40 years of experience, local expertise and a responsible, sustainable business model.


An organisation or individual looking to invest?

We believe in giving disadvantaged communities in low-income countries our backing & belief. When you invest with us, we place your capital with nearly 800 partner organisations who lend these people financial & other support to build businesses, sustain their communities & help protect the planet.

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A potential partner looking for equity or debt funding?

If you are a revenue-generating growth enterprise, looking for €2m-€10m funding (debt or equity); and are focused on (M)FIs, agri-businesses, off-grid renewable energy, water & sanitation or social housing projects in Africa, Asia, LatAm we would be interested to hear from you.

Our funding criteria
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