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Oikocredit holds 47th annual general meeting

Oikocredit holds 47th annual general meeting

Annual General Meeting.png16 June | 2023

On 9 June 2023, Oikocredit convened its annual general meeting (AGM) in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Members, member representatives and others joined the meeting in person and virtually from various locations via a virtual conferencing platform and employed an electronic voting mechanism.

To accommodate members unable to travel to the Netherlands, the AGM was organised as a hybrid meeting. Approximately 68 members and member representatives participated in the AGM. The in-person participants gathered in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Charity Chanda Lumpa, vice-chair of the Supervisory Board, chaired the meeting. 

During the assembly, Oikocredit’s Managing Director, Mirjam ‘t Lam, delivered updates to members and member representatives on the business activities and positive financial performance of the cooperative in 2022. Highlights included updates on the expansion of Oikocredit's end-client survey, which provides an insight into the impact of partners' activities on the lives and well-being of their clients, and the positive financial outcomes of the cooperative. The presentation of the Managing Board report was followed by reports on the Supervisory Board and Members’ Council activities, updates regarding the cooperative’s membership and Oikocredit’s brand refresh. 

Key decisions voted on 

The members adopted the annual accounts for 2022 and approved the proposal from the Managing Board to declare a dividend of 0.5% over 2022, and granted the Managing Board and Supervisory Board discharge for their respective activities in 2022. The members also voted in favour of a proposal allowing more flexibility in determining the number of Supervisory Board members, number being between 8-10 members, and deliberated over membership of the cooperative and the voting rights attached to membership. A proposal related to the cooperative's voting system will be on the agenda of Oikocredit’s 2024 AGM.  

Appointments and elections 

Guido Forsthuber, Malu Padilla and Wilfried Steen were appointed by the members to serve on the Members’ Council, while Anita Clemens and Peter Ohligschlaeger were reappointed for another term. The Members’ Council expressed gratitude to retiring members Ueli Burkhalter, the outgoing chair of the council, and Ulrike Chini, the outgoing secretary, for their invaluable contributions to Oikocredit and the Members’ Council.  

The meeting took place in a positive and lively atmosphere, with members and participants  expressing their continued commitment to the mission of Oikocredit: advancing responsible investment and support for organisations dedicated to enhancing the well-being of low-income individuals and communities in a sustainable manner.

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