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Oikocredit Live: Combatting Climate Change with Sustainable Solutions for Low-Income Communities

Oikocredit Live: Combatting Climate Change with Sustainable Solutions for Low-Income Communities

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Claudia Vasque, Reforestation Coordinator at Norandino

10 July | 2023

The second edition of the Oikocredit Live event series, held on 13 June 2023, turned the spotlight on the pressing issue of climate change and its profound impact on low-income communities. The event featured two Oikocredit partners: Norandino, a cooperative based in Peru that supports sustainable agriculture, and BURN, a Kenya-based organisation that designs, manufactures, and distributes fuel-efficient cooking products.

The event served as a powerful reminder of the urgent need to address climate change and its impact on low-income communities. It showcased the innovative solutions being implemented by our partner organisations and highlighted the importance of sustainable development.

Making a difference in Kenya and Peru

Claudia Vasque, Reforestation Coordinator at Norandino, shared compelling insights on how Norandino is helping smallholder farmers adapt to the challenges posed by climate change. Projects include the installation of solar-powered irrigation systems on small holdings and the sale of Fair Trade carbon credits, with the returns going to farmers.

Claudia explained, “Our focus is on increasing the productivity of farms for greater sustainability while increasing the climate resilience of our smallholder farmers."

Chris McKinney, Chief Commercial Officer at BURN, discussed how their fuel-efficient cooking appliances are transforming lives. The stoves BURN designs and manufactures improve kitchen safety and health outcomes as well as reduce deforestation and cooking costs, contributing measurably to eight of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Chris noted, "Clean cooking remains a massive challenge. It's growing every single day and it's a neglected problem."

Access to finance is key

Aldo Risco, Investment Officer at Oikocredit International, and James Todd, Renewable Energy Manager at Oikocredit International, also shared insights on Oikocredit's role in supporting partner organisations like Norandino and BURN through investments. Both partner organisations underlined the importance of financial support from organisations like Oikocredit.

Claudia Vasque of Norandino observed, “Financing opportunities are key for the kind of social and environmental projects Norandino is carrying out. It helps us improve and increase our impact.”

Chris McKinney of BURN commented, “Clean cooking is under-financed. We're only getting about around 5-10% of the financing that would be required to transition everybody to clean cooking by the end of the decade.”

Commitment to low-income communities

Oikocredit remains committed to supporting partners like Norandino and BURN in enhancing the resilience of low-income communities in the face of climate change. With the support of our investors, we continue to work towards a more sustainable and equitable world. For those who missed the event, we invite you to watch the recording of the webinar here. Continue to watch this space for more updates and details of our next Oikocredit Live event.

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