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Introducing an update to Oikocredit’s Participation Terms

Introducing an update to Oikocredit’s Participation Terms

AGM-2019-17.jpg01 September | 2023

Oikocredit is updating the terms and conditions that govern investments to reflect the cooperative's new capital-raising model. The update will come into effect on 1 October 2023.

When making an investment in Oikocredit, investors agree to the investment product’s terms and conditions (‘participation terms’). These terms govern the relationship between the investor and Oikocredit, along with the cooperative’s articles of association.

Oikocredit recently introduced a new capital-raising model in most of the countries where it attracts investments, allowing eligible individuals and organisations to invest directly in the cooperative through participations.

Before the introduction of participations, investors invested indirectly via Oikocredit support associations or the Stichting Oikocredit International Share Foundation (in liquidation) that issued different products based on Oikocredit shares. Participations are materially similar in financial terms to the shares and have since replaced them.

To reflect the change from shares to participations, the cooperative is updating the participation terms to remove any reference to shares. These specific changes to the participation terms do not affect any current investments, as shares no longer exist with effective date 1 June 2023.

Some small adjustments have been made to better align the participation terms with current operational practices of the cooperative. It has been specified that a prospective investor has a maximum 60 days to transfer their funds after receiving confirmation that they qualify as an eligible investor. This allows more time for this transfer, as compared to the previous version of the participation terms.  Additionally, the minimum amount for a dividend payout was lowered from EUR/USD/CHF/CAD/GBP 50 to EUR/USD/CHF/CAD/GBP 1, and from SEK 500 to SEK 10.

The update to the participation terms has no negative effect on any investments in Oikocredit. The updated participation terms will come into effect on 1 October 2023.

Should any investor disagree with these changes, they can request a redemption of their investment.

For more information about investing in Oikocredit, please refer to the relevant country’s Invest page. You can find the updated participation terms here

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