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Dutch government pledges € 8 million for data-driven agricultural support in emerging economies

Dutch government pledges € 8 million for data-driven agricultural support in emerging economies


In this photo: representatives of The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SCOPEinsight, Agriterra, IDH Farmfit Fund, IDH and Oikocredit

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Funding for AgriGRADE concept, developed by Oikocredit and others, aims to make cooperatives and agricultural organisations more attractive to farmers and investors.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has pledged € 8 million to AgriGRADE, a new data-driven approach to strengthening the agricultural sector in emerging economies. AgriGRADE has been developed by business intelligence company SCOPEInsight, together with Oikocredit, Agriterra, IDH and IDH Farmfit Fund.

In contrast to conventional and fragmented approaches to cooperative development, AgriGRADE uses business data from farmer organisations to enable a more precise and efficient distribution of resources and technical support. The concept will be developed and piloted in Kenya and Tanzania over the next three and a half years.

Oikocredit helps improve access to finance for the farmer organisations involved. It helps reduce risk by ensuring that the technical assistance provided creates bankable organisations. In addition, together with the IDH Farmfit Fund, Oikocredit aims to address other barriers that hamper farmer organisations from accessing finance, such as the development of suitable financial instruments, and structuring deals.

Mirjam 't Lam, Managing Director, Oikocredit, said, “The agricultural sector is increasingly in need of transformative solutions, particularly in light of food security, climate change, and enhancing the resilience of farmers in developing countries. Oikocredit is delighted to collaborate with AgriGRADE to cultivate new opportunities for rural farmers, empowering them to develop resilience and make positive contributions to their communities and the environment. We anticipate that working with our peers in this initiative will further our impact in the low-income communities we serve.”

Read about the initiative in the press release

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