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From Outreach to Impact: Oikocredit drives forward positive social impact with Client Self-Perception Survey

From Outreach to Impact: Oikocredit drives forward positive social impact with Client Self-Perception Survey

Screenshot 2023-04-04 105707.pngTuesday 04 April 2023

Strengthening the end client's voice is a crucial aspect of Oikocredit’s efforts to push the frontiers of social impact.

By listening to the feedback and perspectives of the end-client, our partner organisations can further improve their products and services to meet the needs of the people they serve.

In the Client Self-Perception Survey, we ask end-clients about the changes they experienced over the last 12 months.

Together with our partners, we systematically collect and analyse the information from end-clients to identify key themes or topics. This enables us to build the capacity of organisations to listen to the voices of their clients and use what they hear to improve and ultimately create more positive impact.

In the 2022 report released this week, we explain the outcomes of the survey programme and share valuable insights.

Oikocredit worked with 19 partner organisations to find out what changes their end-clients experienced during the 12 months in question. Almost 16,500 end-clients responded from Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Collecting and analysing feedback is a powerful tool to measure outcomes, track progress over time and demonstrate social impact. Our partner organisations can use the findings to make data-based decisions to monitor indicators related to their strategy, develop training modules and anticipate emerging needs.

Feedback from our partners has been very positive with one partner stating: “Our organisation got closer to our clients through the survey.”

Participants were asked a range of financial and non-financial questions about their household’s ability to cope with shocks, business expansion and future outlook. Gender, extreme weather and digital access feature prominently in the findings.

End-clients may not readily express their needs. This survey ensures they are heard with one respondent describing how the survey is good because it shows the organisation cares about its clients.

In 2023, Oikocredit will continue to work with existing and new partner organisations to increase social impact. The goal is for at least thirty partners to apply their clients’ feedback.

You can read more about the results and key findings of the survey in the full report here.

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